Monday, March 29, 2021

How to series: How can I learn a foreign language faster?


Foreign languages ​​are essential nowadays. English is a language that everyone should know either in our country of residence or abroad and certainly a second, third language help both at work and in our studies.

In addition to the necessary studying, here are some tips to help you learn and practice a foreign language:


·       Read everything in the foreign language you are learning. For example, search English online newspapers and magazines, pages related to music, hobbiesor movies. This is how you learn useful vocabulary

·       Take notes with the new vocabulary. Let's say you like cooking. Make a notebook for words with cooking materials and procedures. So, if at some point you have to talk about your hobby, you will be able to use the words you wrote down.

·       Join international groups on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc, which are related to your interests. In that way, you must use English (or any foreign language) to understand and communicate.

·       You can also find tandem learning groups (they exist on Facebook and also if you search on Google you can find pages). The logic behind such groups is to find a person who learns your language and speaks the language you are learning. So you have a conversation, for example, half an hour in Greek and half an hour in English and you both practice.

·       Change the language of all the devices you use (mobile, TV, tablet, game consoles) to the foreign language you are learning.

·       Subscribe to YouTube channels about the language you are learning.

·       Talk with your friends and classmates. Arrange an hour when you will be speaking English (or any other language).


Let me know your language learning tricks!

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