Monday, March 29, 2021

How to series: How should I study for my language lesson?

 Today I am starting a new blog series with tips for my students and learners in general.

One of the biggest problems I often encounter is that students do not have the right study plan.

So, how do we learn a foreign language? Clearly, with the lesson and the interaction with the teacher, but after that, you also need personal involvement and study.

And what do I mean with the word “study”?

Before I do the exercises and tasks, what should I do?

I read what I have covered with the teacher. This means, I read the texts with the help of the glossary or the words I have written in my notebook. I can also get the help of a dictionary.

• I listen to the texts and the listening exercises again.

• I re-read all the vocabulary exercises, always with the help of the vocabulary I have written, or the dictionary.

• I read the grammar rules with examples and my notes and then the exercises I did in class.

• I learn the words I have for spelling. I look for examples in the glossary or in the book or in the dictionary. If I have time I write my own examples. I note any questions.

• I do the grammar exercises always having the rules by me. I write down any questions.

• The book has usually a DVD or mobile app or a site with more exercises, when I have time (eg. on the weekend)

• I can ask the teacher (or my teacher) to suggest me some videos, movies or online exercises for more practice.

• When, I have a chapter or unit test I study all the material which will be examined.

• I do not hesitate to ask the teacher if I do not understand something.

I hope I helped somehow.

To be continued with more tips.

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