Monday, March 29, 2021

How to series: How to create a Quizlet account


Quizlet is a very useful page for both teachers and students. Everyone can use it, create their own exercises but also use existing exercises, which a lot of teachers have done for free.

The student account is free and offers a wealth of exercises.

What exactly are we doing there? We enter the vocabulary or grammar we want to learn or repeat and Quizlet creates the exercises on its own.

So we enter the link. No registration required, we can open it with our Facebook / Google account effortlessly, as we use our Facebook or Google passwords.

Click “create” and then “set” where you will write the new words.

Then, write the words and explanations or if you have phrasal verbs or expressions, the corresponding pairs and when you are ready, on the bottom right there is the command “Create”.

Your exercises are ready.

There are Flashcards, spelling exercises, spelling, multiple choice exercises, games and more. The paid subscription offers more features that mainly serve teachers with a lot of students in each class.

I give two examples in English and German in the following links:

English intermediate

German beginners







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