Sunday, June 24, 2018

Working with films and videos

I have always been interested in using more materials with my students other than the traditional books and worksheets. I started with songs and music and somewhere out there I started working with videoclips form the songs as well. I saw that students are really interested in this kind of lessons, since they believe that it's not an actual lesson, but just having fun. And that's the catch. Who said that learning should be "painful" and boring?
In the beginning, I tried to show videoclips from songs that tell a story.

1.  Guessing game
Play part of the song / or the music first and have students imagine what's happening. You can also do this with commercials, trailers from films or parts of films with no conversations. Have them write a few notes about it and share it and compare their stories in class. Then play the actual video. Have them note down what their stories had in common. As homework have them write a new story based on their notes and the actual story.

2. Descriptions
Show the students a video and have them describe the people. What do they wear? What do they look like? Can they guess their personalities? Who is the good and who is the bad one?

3. Watching and talking
Play the film and stop it at certain points. Have the students describe what has happened, what they liked, what they didn't like. Have them guess how it continues.

4. No sound
Play the beginning of the film without sound or subtitles. What is happening? (Ask Wh-questions)

5. Title
Give them titles of songs or films and have them guess what the story is about.

You can find more ideas over here - a blog I discovered with a collection for films and lesson plans for ELT.
And  there is also a great course running at Future Learn about Short Film in Language Teaching

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