Friday, June 22, 2018

Playing with words

I had the luck these past few months to visit various language schools in my hometown and "play" with the students, teaching and revising new and old vocabulary.
Books and dictionaries are absolutely fine, but kids want to have fun as well. And believe me, if the student and the teacher have fun, then a lot of things can happen.
So here are some ideas you can try out with your students...

1. Flashcards and realia
I know it sounds ordinary and traditional to use pictures and toys, showing them to your students and have them repeat them, but it actually works. After naming the objects / pictures, hide them somewhere in the school / classroom and ask them where they are. "where is the teddy bear?" - "the teddy bear is under the desk". This way you can also practise prepositions.

2. Puzzle dictation.
After they have learned how things are called, it's time for a little dictation. Not the ordinary one, though. Print the words on paper, cut them, letter by letter and mix the letters. If you want to help them, print the words in different colours. Shout out the word and let them put the letters together.
If you want to make it more difficult and more competitive, put the letter into balloons, divide students in teams have them run, blow the balloon, get the letters from the floor and put the word together.

3. Categories.
Write group words in bigger pieces of paper (like for example "feelings", "furniture", "weather" etc. and smaller pieces with vocabulary that is associated to the "group words". Divide students in teams again and have them stick the words under group word.

Don't forget to praise the children for trying and why not give them a little treat!
Whatever you do, have fun!

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