Friday, June 29, 2018

Follower or Leader?

This post is week 4 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators. 

Today's subject is: How are you a leader among your peers? How are you a follower among your peers?
The question is: What is actually a leader?

So a leader might be someone with innovative ideas, someone with power, someone who can convey his/her message to the world, someone who is not settling, someone who wants to do more and better. 

A follower on the other had is someone who is interested in things other say and usually adheres to a group of people of the same mind. 
Being a follower is not necessarily a bad thing. It doesn't mean that you don't work towards a goal or that you don't have ideas of your own. It means that you follow something or someone you believe in.

Being a teacher, I believe that you are a little bit of both. 
You are a leader, because you have students with you and you try to make them work towards a goal, you try to inspire them and why not create and use your own ideas and methods?
You are also a follower, because you follow your schools curriculum and rules, a teaching method, a certain book maybe.

Personally, I think that you are a leader when you share your ideas with your peers, when you help others, when you publish and present your work and you don't keep everything to yourself.
But we can't avoid being followers as well, since as teachers we constantly learn new things, adopt new theories and listen to other teachers talking about their own teaching methods and activities. 

We both inspire and get inspired... so keep on teaching

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