Friday, April 7, 2017

#iatefl2017 How to become a teacherpreneur - session by Marina Kladova

A very interesting session, full of ideas on how to actually become a teacherpreneur.
Marina Kladova started her talk by sharing her own story and experiences on how she decided to leave her traditional teaching role in order to become something different.
It all begun back in 2010, when she realized that she wanted to do more than teaching, also considering that her salary was not as much as it should be, trying to get out of a burnout.
She wanted to travel, find opportunities for professional development (which was very difficult in Russia back then), was thinking of creating her own school, but lacked of managerial experience and could not find partners to back her up.
So she started brainstorming what she can do and tried a few things like combing her hobbies with teaching English until she found her current job as a consultant in an IT company.
Her talk continued with the definition of the term "teacherpreneur' or edupreneur"

And gave her own definition on the subject:

She then suggested ways to be a teacherpreneur:
  • Developing a product,  like an English app, or materials or even a course.
  • Education: Seminars, webinars, educational trips, events
  • Consulting: teachers, companies, proffreading
  • Commission: selling travel tours, selling books / seminars / job recommendations
  • Other ideas: local guide, translating, conferences
The most important thing you have to ask yourself is "for whom you can be useful?"
Think about you can do:

Ms. Kladova presented steps and ideas for opportunities and gave examples of her own life.
You can find Ms Kladova's presentation and slides over here:

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