Friday, April 7, 2017

#iatefl2017 Interview with Angelos Bollas representation of LGBT people in teaching materials

One of the reasons that I am really envious of people of gong to IATEFL is presentations like this one by Angelos Bollas. I consider him a very talented educator and I am really glad that there are people like him around, who are not afraid of speaking their mind.
In this interview, Scott Thornbury an Angelos Bollas talk about the rerpesentation of LGBT people in the EFL world and especially in the current teaching materials.
Angelos points out that in ELT books, heterosexuality is considered a "natural context", in contrast with ESL materials which are meant to prepare people to live for example in the UK and have to make them familiar with the culture in the UK or USA environment.
Angelos believes that we, as educators, have to prepare our students for what's out there.
He does understand the hesitation of the publishers, but all kinds of people have to be represented.

All in all it was a very interesting interview and I am sure that the presentation was really worthwhile.
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