Sunday, April 2, 2017

Balls: Games for all skills

Using a ball can give you the chance to practise lots of skills: grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking! How about reading?
I have to say that students, no matter the age, are thrilled when you use alternative games instead of books and tests.
The truth is that students see it as a game. They think that they will not have a ‘lesson’ and they will just play. This makes them more motivated. And guess what! They learn without even noticing it!
The only problem is the parents… and maybe even your director.
Before you stop thinking about it, though, give it a try.
Invite colleagues and even your director to observe your games and activities. Let them play with the students.
Arrange a meeting with parents and let them try the games with their kids.
I am sure that they will love the fact that their kids are actually learning.
Just Dare!! 

Proposed game:
This is a ‘Passe-Partout’ ball game; you can practise all the vocabulary you want.
You can even not use a ball; you can replace it with a soft toy.
Students form a circle and the teacher stands in the middle. The teacher announces the subject, for example ‘environment’, and throws the ball in one attendee, who has ten seconds to come up with a topic-related lexical item. When he / she finds a suitable word, he / she should throw it to another participant.
The players who do not find a word in the allocated time have to leave the circle.
You can use it with all types of vocabulary, idioms and collocations, as well as grammar rules (student can complete sentences, or find synonyms)

Game ideas:
Theodora Papapanagiotou
Nick Maragkos

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