Sunday, August 23, 2015

#30Goals: Thank a teacher mentor

I started teaching 20 years ago.
When I graduated from the university, I didn't really know how to teach, I mean, we had courses like linguistics and literature and theories on methodology, but nobody  actually taught us how to go into the classroom and do what...
So, when I found my first job,  teaching a beginners' class in German, I didn't really know what to do.
So I got the book, the workbook and the grammar and that was it... I was "teaching"
I have to say that there are a LOT of teachers still doing that and that is what is expected by everyone.
But somehow it didn't seem enough to me.
So some years later, I decided to go to the British council and attend a course on teaching children and teenagers. Fist of all because I wanted to expand my knowledge in teaching English as well and secondly because I needed new ideas to make my lessons more interesting.
It was the last year that the British council offered classes in Thessaloniki, so this was my last chance I guess!
I had the luck to meet Olha Madylus and she made a tremendous impact in my life as a teacher.
When you go to a course or a seminar or a convention, you know that the person who trains you has a huge experience on the subject, lots of studies and lots of recognition.
The moment I went into the classroom, Olha asked us to call her by her first name, after all we were all colleagues....
  • Olha taught is not to be dependent on the book.
  • We learned how to do research on our own.
  • We learned different kind of activities,
  • We learned how to use music.
  • We learned how to organize projects.
And the best part: She taught us that we have to try the activity ourselves first. How will you know if it's fun for the kids if you don't have fun yourself?
I have to say a big thank you... Without your guidance I would never have developed to the teacher I am today.... 

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Wow!! Great post! Smiles from Argentina, Maria :-)