Sunday, August 23, 2015

#30Goals: BLOG!!

Well I have been blogging for years, but how about our students?
With my classes this year, in the STEAM lesson (A for Arts) we talked about blogging!
We have shown the students different kinds of blogs, talked about why we blog and also created our own blog account at kidblog.
I chose this platform because it is actually very safe for children, nobody can get in unless you give them a code. It is a nice way for students to communicate outside the classroom and show their parents and friends the work they have done.
So first of all the kids made a profile - played with the pictures and the extra features:
 Then the kids wrote something about themselves and at home the students from different classes commented on each other
My colleague Thanassis who is in charge of STEM and me (in charge of the A in STEAM!!)
In some posts, we put the videos we worked on our English class
Our favourite songs and images.
Homework: How will life in the future be?
I have to say that the students loved it, no matter their age and we intend to keep this blog next year as well!!!
As an alternative, we have made a padlet with their ideas for the summer:

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