Sunday, August 23, 2015

#30Goals: Learn outside the classroom

I have always believed that learning outside the classroom is the best way to learn! That\s why a lot of the projects I organize with my students take place outside.
"On the air team at the city port"

  • Learning mission no 1: Learn your city! This project took place during the "We're on the air" project. My students and I devoted a whole day going around the city, looking for information on historical and cultural sites and made a video, which was presented to students in 4 different countries, who did the same about their hometowns!!

Lieblingswort exhibition - Goethe Institut - Thessaloniki

Herzliche Gruesse Exhibition - Goethe Institut - Thessaloniki
Music section - Lieblingswort exhibition - Goethe Institut - Thessaloniki

  • Learning mission no 2: Exhibitions! There are wonderful photo - painting exhibitions around the city and also exhibitions that have to do with the language!! Why not have your students do a little research on a museum or a gallery exhibition, give them questionnaires while  visiting and let them create!

Uwe Kind performing
  • Learning Mission No 3: Take them to concerts that have to do with the language. There are wonderful teachers performers like Uwe Kind (in German) and Jason Levine (in English). If you don't have a gig near you, organize a music (karaoke) evening at your school!

  • Learning mission no 4: Take them out! If you have to do with older students (teens or college students), why not take them out in a cafe or a restaurant and have a conversational class with them in different surroundings?

  • Learning mission No 5: Make a movie or a video clip: In our "8project" some years ago, we went out to the part to "shoot" our creation.

Learning mission No 6: Take them out to do something different and write about it!!! The pictures above are from the professional photo shoot I had with my student Konstantina. I don't say that you have to hire a professional photographer to do this, but students can visit a place or a professional and write reports!

Learning has to do with fun! Pleasant experiences make the brain ask for more!!

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