Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Adventures 2015: Translating

Actually this is not a "summer job", but an all-year-round job.
My favourite type of texts and what I prefer doing is working on articles that have to do with sports, new types of exercises and trends,  muscles, injuries, rehabilitation...
I just love this kind of terminology, I love doing research, watch videos on the subject, learn new things I can also use on my training!
What I have learned this summer:
If you have pain in a joint, the problem probably lies on the joint above or below... So if you have knee pain, it's probably because of your ankle or your hip...
In order to be a great coach, you have to have relationship of understanding and trust with your trainees. That goes for teachers as well (my comment).
And also... the speed ladder is useless... it does not help in co-ordination if you are not a kid the movements you do cannot be applied at any sport.... (this is a message to my cross-training instructor btw)
More to come!

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