Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer adventures 2015: IELTS teaching and learning

One of the things I have been doing this summer is ... getting informed!
In our job, it is necessary to be informed in what's going on with exams, old and new, books, new editions ... you always have to know. Things change, methods change and also people need to take other kind of exams.
Years ago, people just wanted a certificate in order to use it for a future job or just to prove that they can speak a language. I usually had young learners. Nowadays, people tend to take other kinds of exams, usually because they want to study or work abroad or ESP (Business English or something to help them in their jobs)
Last year I took an iTDi course with Vicki Hollett about Business English which helped me a lot and gave me the strength to open a new horizon and get new customers.
This year, although I have had students taking IELTS, I decided to do a little more research, since this is the "job" of the future! I have discovered a beautiful course about the exam from Future learn, it is mainly a description of the exam with some examples and lots of links that could help a learner. It is not a preparation course, but describes in detail what is all about.
Some more links I have found interesting: 
I am sure that you can find more links, info, free tests if you google around!
Take care and good luck!

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