Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finding balance (paragraph blogging)

Two weeks have passed since my last post.... And I have been working 12 hours a day ever since....
Including weekends. Some people will say ok, no problem, you are a workaholic anyway so you live for these things. And the truth is ... YES I do live for these things. I do love creating things. I do love learning. I could never be away from my students and my students keep making me proud, so I am glad I did not give up on them.
The other side of the truth is though, that nobody could work so much every single day without a real break. Eventually you will break down at some point. And this is bad... for you, for your employer, for your students, for your family.
Doing what I do right now, I have sacrificed a lot of things, which are important to me.
I stopped going to the gym every day. There are days that I can go and I plan to go and I am thinking about it all day, but when the time comes (like yesterday)  I feel so tired that I just stay home and sleep.
I don't see my kid so much... and I miss him and he misses me as well, although when I am around he prefers to be in his room. I know that he feels secure when I am at home though....
I don't do housework any more, which is really good, by the way!!! I think that this has made the family realize that they too have to do something around at home, appreciating what I have been doing for them all these years.
One thing I have noticed, though... I am really calm. It is the first time in years that I feel this way.
I know that I have a lot to do to find balance in my life again, but I am working on it.
I will keep planning and I will keep dreaming....
To be continued....


Patricia Salguero said...

Dear Theodora,
This post makes me think many things about us..what you say it is so true sometimes people can say a thing but nobody knows the true story behind scenes.Although, I am far away from where you set up but I am a witness of your sacrifice first as a human being, as a mum, as a professional, as a person who is still alive and feels still enjoys the best things of life, those littles ones which make you get the time of life.
Thank you for inspring us with that commitment, love, and strength to what you do. Just let me tell you:" I am so proud of You"

Fabiana Casella said...

You are not alone, dear Theodora!
I SO read you!
Proud of you, love you and admire you!
Keep inspiring because you are a real Fighter!
Warmest hug!

Theodora Pap said...

Thank you both!

Aphrodite said...

My colleagues call me..a " workacholic"!! That makes me mad! I am a pasiionate english teacher, that's all! I read you, too though...It's not right to work to our limits! There should always be some quality time for ourselves and families!We deserve some free time, some relaxing time- if we really wish not to break down at some point!