Monday, March 9, 2015

Goal: Send Them on Learning Missions #EduLS

When I read Shelly's blog on missions, I thought that I have been doing something like that with my students for years now.
I don't call them missions, though, I call them projects.
Well, what do I mean with the word "project"?
Every 2-3 months or so, they do some kind of research. It could be their favourite book, their favourite movie, an article or a story that impressed them, even a cooking recipe.
Then they write something for my blog, or they make a video.

Here is what we did with the "book project" or mission. Students had to talk about their favourite bookor movie or even read a book and say what impressed them the most :

Some students interviewed their math teacher

A lot of recipies:
Angeliki making a sandwich
Christina is making a Russian Cheese cake and  German Spitzgebäck

School trips with pictures:
Giannis trip to Athens
Christina's trip to Berlin 

A story about an urban legend

The students did not use much of technology (blog -video and pictures), but it kept them going, it still does actually.
We could use Pinterest or Instagram in the future or even create our own YouTube channel.
This was a great opportunity to show my students' work!!!


Maria Bossa said...

Hi! Bravo!!! I'm very much impressed! Thanks for sharing it! Smiles from Argentina, Maria :)

Theodora Pap said...

It's nothing to be impressed of actually - just using simple tools to make things a bit more interesting for the kids! Thank you Maria!