Friday, December 26, 2014

India? Why not? English Learners World e-magazine

Just after my presentation in July at the iTDi Summer MOOC, I was contacted by a Indian teacher, who was trying to create an e-magazine for English teachers in India.
He asked me to write an article, basically a summary of what I had mention on my talk about goals!!
I didn't give it much of attention, I did write the article though, mainly because the person who asked me was really kind.
Today I got his first issue of the magazine, with really interesting articles in it, including my summary on the "setting goals" presentation. ( I am on page 44)
A big bravo to my Indian colleague, Amandeep Singh for his wonderful work and everybody who contributed to this issue!

You can find the issue over here


Aman Admin ELW said...

Hello Theodorapap. In fact, I thank you for sending me your article and showing trust upon ELW.


Sukh Sammi said...

Hii Theodora Pap...your article "Setting Goals " is interesting and arouses the interest of the readers. Thanks for sharing your views with us across the globe.