Monday, December 29, 2014

Working on students' presentations

This year I had to experiment myself and my students on new exam styles, mostly because not all students are the same and some are stronger in certain skills than others. As I have mentioned before, language certificates are very important in Greece and they have to have one by the age of 15-16.
Although I don't agree with this and my main goal is to teach them how to speak and write and express themselves the best they can, I do have to work towards exams.
So, with this particular student, I "discovered" a relatively new exam (I will not mention the name though, I don't want to make this an ad), where you have to prepare some kind of presentation on subjects you choose.
You have to choose a book, an article and something else you like, let's say a place or a hobby and analyze it orally and written.
Now that the exam is actually over, I thought it would be a pity not to publish my student's work!!

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