Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Happinness is....

I thought this prompt by Sylvia Guinan, would be an excellent idea for a blog post!!

The first question that came to my mind is "why do we teach anyway?"
For some, it is just another job. You had this opportunity to go to a school and "teach", get the book, say your stuff and go home.
For some others, teaching is their whole life. Sometimes you spend more time with your students or preparing, reading, studying, than "living".

You don't do it to get rich, but it is important to you to "spread" your knowledge, to open a new horizon to somebody, not just in the field you are an expert.

For me every day is just a little happiness.
Communication is everything.
For me it is not just teaching a language.
  • It is when they learn something about the country, the culture, the civilization, the traditions.
  • When we read something from a newspaper about a new discovery in whatever subject there is.
  • When they trust my with their problems, and they do trust me more than their parents.
  • When something good has happened and they send me a message to tell me.
  • When in they beginning they don't want to start lessons and when the first lesson comes to an end they are excited (and they just can't hide it)
  • When we sing, dance and have fun!
  • When students remember me after years and call me to see how I am doing
  • When I see students become great teachers themselves
For me they will always be my kids!


Anonymous said...

Teaching is a passion. When I think back to the teachers that stand out in my mind, they into two categories: those who were passionate about the subject, and I learnt to learn. The other were those who disliked me, and I hated them, and I learnt to resist.
I wanted to be in the first category and want my students to become exceptional fishermen of knowledge.
There is of course a third category, those who neither stood out, and equally didn't dislike their students. They lie forgotten as does what they taught.

Theodora Pap said...

Let's hope we will remembered somehow! That's what counts!

Joanna Malefaki said...

Hey Dora,
For me as well, teaching defines me. It is what I have done all my life and what I will be doing for the rest of it. I just love it! The good moments make me happy and the bad ones, challenge me. Wouldn't have it any other way!Great post : )

Silvers said...

A beautiful reminder of what's truly important. Thanks so much for sharing this Theodora:))

Theodora Pap said...

Thank you so much for your comments girls!! I knew we share the same passion!

Fabiana Casella said...

Brilliant, as usual!!! Love the concepts!