Friday, December 5, 2014

My teacher, by Eleni G

A surprise was waiting for me today, when I went to my student Eleni. Her homework included an essay about a teacher who has influenced them the most and she chose to write about me... It was so touching and I almost cried... And I know that this is the best recommendation letter for my work and NOT the exam results of my students. I love you too Eleni! :)

It is intrinsic for teachers to be motivating and in general role models for their students. This is why in this composition I choose to elucidate my experience with my teacher, Ms Dora, the most imaginative and lively teacher I have ever had. She is not just the definition of a "teacher", she is the connotation of patience, inspiration and nobility.
Ms Theodora Pap. (affectionately known Dora) has been a teacher of mine in German and English for over 6 years. Despite the fact that she is multilingual, she is also a gym-freak, blogger,a cellphone and caffeine addict and a terrible cook. (as she claims).
She manages to keep her life and work perfectly balanced and organized, though. She commits to every lesson and every student, while being methodical and talkative. Her lessons are always witty, pleasant and interesting because of her bubbly personality and the technical means that she uses, so that we don't get tired.
Another characteristic of Ms Dora is her patience and tolerance to all of her students' mistakes. She is not at all importunate or strict, neither is she frigid or melancholic. After her dose of coffee kicks in, she begins her lessons with cheerfulness and vitality. She also avoids intellectual stagnation. Her goal is not to prepare us only for the exams, but to cultivate love for  the language (unsuccessfully of course for German :P)
To sum up, Ms Dora does not work just for a living and does not do perfunctory work but her goal is to motivate us and hammer interest for the language. So thank you Ms Dora, for everything you have offered me and for everything I have learned from you.

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