Saturday, October 4, 2014

#WeekChallenge: Journal writing: Day 6

Rainy Saturday today and one more day on the #WeekJournal!!
Health / Psychology / Gym:
Slight shoulder dislocation from yesterday's fall, in pain, on painkillers.... No weight lifting for me today (or this week more like it) but I will try to spin later in the evening.
My mood is getting better, I mean I have decided not to get so worried about things I cannot change. As long as I have my health (physical and psychological) I will survive.
Time to control my nerves and my anger though.... Working on it...
I also decided to do sth for myself and keep myself happy for a change. It is not time to lose it....
So next weekend will find me in Athens (YES!!!) and also thinking of taking part in RPM Initial training soon (??? we'll see!!)

Teaching/ work:
I had a cancellation today, so I took the chance to have a lesson with Gianni (instead of tomorrow) - In a really great mood, both me and the kid, lots of laughter and hugs and jokes!
Continued with my prof. student - exam prep. - you know vocabulary exercises, exam tips, grammar review, that kind of stuff.
Last one, advanced level student, worked on some grammar (tenses review), talked on competitive sports (pros and cons) and in the end watched one of my favourite videos and talked about loneliness and relationships.

Saturday evening will be full of preparing for next week and housework.... 
To be continued...

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