Friday, October 3, 2014

#WeekChallenge: Journal Writing: Day 5

Health/ Psychology:
Day started with a total nervous breakdown, lots of arguments and really bad vibes around the house.
I really don't know how I could switch off the mood button and go to work today. Every day is actually getting worse and it is really hard to pretend that everything is alright when I go to work.
I went to the hairdresser's (after 5 whole months) to get a haircut and a dye and the result is fantastic, but still it has not changed the way I feel right now.

Gym/ Nutrition:
No gym today, because I actually wanted to have my hair done. I cannot watch my diet the last few months, it seems impossible. I am not disciplined and I am not careful of what I eat at all. It seems that if I hadn't been training so hard, I would be at least obese by now....

Work/ Teaching:
Lesson Marathon again today with my big backpack that weighs over 10 kg today - I think I am going to use the British Council site for kids for my last lesson. Last time we created a monster and my student had a lot of fun! After creating the actual monster, he made him sing dance and even sneeze!! Really funny!
I'll stick to the book and some extra conversation themes with the rest of them today.
Tomorrow is a new day....

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