Sunday, October 5, 2014

#WeekChallenge : #Journal writing Day 7

Sunday today and the last day of the actual #WeekChallenge... Not that I have been writing interesting things... Just my boring everyday life!!

Work/ teaching/ students:
No lessons today, but lots of preparation for the week to come: printing activities, writing plans, reading, looking for new videos and games.
Also went our with my dear student Katerina to catch up and talk on her options.... well mostly to catch up after summer! It is so nice to see students evolving!!! A nice Sunday morning!!

Sunday today and traditional lunch at "grandma's" - chicken roll and baked potatoes - yummy - accompanied by Retsina and "Baba" as dessert (yes I now double training for me tomorrow)

I was supposed to go running at the seafront this evening, the new gym is organizing runs with trainers once a month, which is a wonderful idea, but.... it actually rained. It has stopped now, but it will be pretty slippery and the humidity is killing me ( short breath and asthma) so I guess I'd better stay home (shoulder is not in its best shape as well)

Much calmer than the past days and struggling to stay that way. Work helps!

I don't really know if this journal-diary writing has helped or not. It will make me remember what to avoid next time I am in similar situations (maybe?)

That was it! Next post with more professional matters!!!

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