Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Summer adventures: Part 7 Business Englishing

This summer I have had the luck of taking part in ITDi's Business English course with Vicki Holett, which I found really interesting. I have learned so many things and it helped me overcome my fear... So far I had never taken up students who needed English for their job, for fear not being able to teach them what they need.
In this course we have covered:
  • Key ways in which Business English differs from teaching General English and skills we need
  • Limitations and benefits of different types of lesson teaching, methods and techniques (like CLIL, PBL etc)
  • How to make presentations, overcoming challenges
  • Misunderstandings, communication and BELF ( Business English as Lingua Franca)

 All the online sessions were really interesting and the discussion on the chat - box very stimulating.
I have to say that I don't take part in online discussions that easily, I prefer to sit back and listen and read what the teacher and the participants have to say and try to understand on my own pace.

As a final assessment, we had to make a power-point presentation of a Study Case:

  • Identify our students and their needs
  • Choose the correct methods for our students
  • Design the key elements of the course
It was a wonderful experience! A big thank you to Vicki Holett, Steven Herder, Barbara Sakamoto and everybody at ITDi. Looking forward to the next course

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Vicki Hollett said...

Bravo Theodora! It was great to have you on the course and thank you so much for being part of it.