Sunday, August 10, 2014

Summer adventures: Part 8: Translating

This is not my day job, but from time to time I do occupy myself with translations if it is an interesting subject.
The bad thing is that I get over motivated and I want to finish everything yesterday!!!

I remember when I was working on some glossaries for Cambridge University press, a couple of years ago, I slept only for 2-3 hours to finish this project earlier than the scheduled deadline.
These were coursebooks glossaries from English to German back then.

Now I am working on something much more interesting. I have had the luck to co-operate with a big private fitness instructor school in my hometown and I am translating texts about fitness, exercises, anatomy, psychology, goal setting and I just LOVE them! I keep looking at pictures of anatomy maps and videos on exercises! The thing is, I get so tired, as if I were performing the tasks myself!

Translating is NOT an easy job as people might think. Yes, you work on your own pace, but you have to be concentrated,  be careful when editing and be discrete. That's why it is important not to show your work around, when you are asked to.

Anyway, that's why I am not that much around lately!


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