Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Vicky's Human Touch

This year I had the luck and the honor to take part in a wonderful TESOL convention, right here in my "neighborhood", in my hometown, Thessaloniki.

I loved this convention because it mostly had to do with the people.... Their dedication to do something different, to contribute in one way or another.

Another reason why I have these wonderful memories, was my friend, my internet-sister, Vicky Loras, who was able to join us.

Except for her wonderful company, Vicky held two presentations, a very informative workshop on professional development online ( report on this  in the TESOL Macedonia-Thace blog - by myself, yes I insisted doing this!!) and a very emotional (for all of us) plenary talk, called the Human Touch.

Call me a fool, but I couldn't stop crying... Not only because she mentions me in her talk, which is a great honor.
I got really emotional, because I can see that there ARE teachers in the world who actually care more about the kids then the exams.
I am glad to see teachers with no means whatsoever to fight for their students' right to learn.
I could see Vicky being one of those teachers.

I feel so blessed that Vicky is my friend, not just a fb acquaintance, but a person who really cares.
A big thank you for being there!!

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