Friday, June 20, 2014

Pecha Kucha evening, TESOL Macedonia-Thrace convention 2014 - Reflections

 When I first saw people taking part in the Pecha Kucha event in 2013, I immediately knew that I wanted to do this. I knew what I wanted to say before summer!
Of course I didn't know that TESOL would give me the chance, but I had started writing this back in September.
The text changed and changed and changed!!
Until the time came! And I had the luck of presenting with 7 more wonderful people!!!
In the beginning I just froze... I mean I had never talked in front of so many people!!
I was the only one talking about personal experiences, I don't really know if people liked what I said, I just poured my heart out.
This Pecha Kucha was definitely the challenge of the year! (Moving on to the next!)

I'd like to thank the TESOL Mac-Thrace board for giving me the opportunity to do this, and all my co-speakers:
Margarita Kosior: MC
Kieran Donaghy , Božica Šarić- Cvjetković, Dimitris Primalis, Despina Karamitsou, Katerina Kiriakidou, Efi Tzouri, Despina Vardaki

Original post on TESOL's blog over here 

P.S. I go fourth ( at 26:15)!!!

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