Sunday, June 15, 2014

The #Sandwichreflection

Recently I was tagged by Joanna Malefaki on a very interesting challenge. In her blog she describes how her year was, reflecting on positive and negative experiences.

So I thought, why not?

The sandwich 


Good moment- accomplishment

The year started with me organizing the first on-my-own project, "On the air". I was not actually "on my own" since there were four wonderful teachers and a bunch of very gifted students all around the world taking part in this, but it was the first time that I actually had to organize something by myself.
It was a great feeling to make your ideas happen and an even greater feeling that I saw that my colleagues believed in my idea, worked hard on this and the results were excellent!! 

My weeknesses

Every year has negative moments as well... sometimes you know why, sometimes you don't.
  • In the beginning of the year, I started with a new student and after a few lessons they stopped with no particular reason. It got to me, because I am always open to discussion and always try to work things out. (Story here) I guess I will never know...
  • Sometime before Christmas (and just before the exams) I had some parents doubt my way of teaching. I know I am NOT perfect. But doing things behind my back really did hurt. I say it again, I am always open to discussion. From what I found our way later, these kids did not pass their exams. And I know that they are going to blame me because I didn't insist on doing 100 tests before the exam, but one thing I have to say. So many kids did pass the exams my way. Yes I do have responsibility for my students' failures, but I am not the only one. When the students pass an exam, nobody says it's entirely because of the teacher, but because of the students' hard work. 

A few more good moments

  • The rest of my students did pass their exams with honours (A's and B's) and I've had people who found jobs and got accepted to universities abroad having no problem with the foreign language at all, which I consider an even bigger success.
  • I have set a goal plan and I keep completing and adding small goals every day, so I make my days more interesting and I try to make myself  more useful both in my personal and my professional life.
  • I completed my dream of going to a School of fitness and acquiring the Spinning instructor diploma (I know that I will probably never find work in this section, but I consider this a big accomplishment) 

My action plan:


  • Continue writing on my goal diary. It has helped me a lot to find myself!
  • When I start with new students, I have to be clear to parents on my work plan. I have to tell them what I do and what I don't do and how I feel about certain teaching methods. This way I can avoid misunderstandings and everybody will be happy.
  • Keep having dreams. Yes, dreams do come true (most of the time)
I did enjoy this school year. More to come .... Every day IS a new adventure. And even if it's not, we make it happen!


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed reading your post Theodora and totally agree with the parent-student-exams and teaching style comments!! This has happened to me as well!

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

Thank you for the challenge, Joanna, I enjoyed writing this!

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