Monday, March 17, 2014

Spread literature into the world (TESOLGREECE 35th convention)

Since I have been following this project step by step from the very beginning, it was natural that I would be THERE!
Georgia Psarra is on of the most dedicated, committed and enthusiastic people (and educators) I have ever met and George Raptopoulos is a person with vast knowledge and experience and a wonderful presenter.

The project is a wonderful idea of having the students translate or should I say interpret Greek Literature (poems and texts) into English.
Since it is not  a word to word translation, the students get to talk a lot (in the target language ) in order to understand and realise the meaning of each text or poem.

 ( I loved the quality of the paper and the colors in the leaflet, it is definitely something I am going to keep)

Both Jo and George explained to us the steps of their work.
We were then shown videos of the children's views of the project, as well as a song composed by one of their students inspired by the poem they were working on.

This was really a wonderful job by both the teachers and their students. A big bravo!

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