Monday, March 17, 2014

Six impossible things before breakfast (TESOL Greece 35th Convention)

If I could describe this presentation in one phrase, this would be: "experience counts"
The Presentation started with a dictation.
There was also a question: "Why did I become a teacher?"
We were supposed to write the ones that expressed us the most.
Some of the answers were"
"I like the language and feel confident teaching it"
"It's a secure job"
"I was inspired by another teacher"
"My parents were teachers"
"It's creative and stimulating"

In the end we were explained that this is kind of a personality test, which revealed it the decision came from inside or from outside factors.

Mr. House pointed out that we should make teaching more interesting, for example by personalizing grammar tasks.

 ( Picture NOT from the presentation, but similar)

We were then shown a picture of a horse with the saying: "You can bring a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink"
Why doesn't the horse ( the students) drink? Think about it...
-maybe it's not thirsty
- it doesn't know how
- it can't see the reason for it
- it's too much effort
- It doesn't like  water
- It doesn't like being told what to do
- It doesn't like being watched while drinking
- It is tired being criticized for the way it drinks

Another wonderful task personalizing again:
" I would be famous as..."
- stage or costume designer
- lyricist
- record producer
- dancer
- pianist
- singer's manager
- composer

This way we find out about our student's personalities and can act accordingly.

Some more useful activities:

( Picture NOT from the presentation, but similar)

Show a picture of bored kids in a classroom: this could be a wonderful prompt for a narrative activity
Speaking activity: 5 things to get when the house is on fire!
A power point presentation presenting "my five favorite things!
And lots and lots more...
A wonderful presentation from an incredible educator!!!

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Aphrodite said...

I hated the fact that this presentation was at the same time with my best friend Julia's one!..I have already invited Roger to present it in Larisa, too....