Monday, March 17, 2014

Hit Learners with Music (from the TESOL GREECE 35th Convention)

Sometimes when you go to a convention and look at the programme, you cannot really decide where to go. What motivates you to go to a presentation?
I mean, yes, everybody goes to the plenaries and everybody attends the presentation of the "big names", but what happens to the "rest of us"?

I saw Theodore Lalos' title and although the subject did interest me, it was just after mine and I had decided not to attend anything and get some rest...
But, I had the luck of meeting  Theodore earlier in the morning, he was really kind and helped me a lot with technical issues ( I am completely illiterate when it comes to computers), so I attended the presentation after all!

I have to say that I was really impressed with what he did.
He had prepared a 10-page-leaflet with everything in in, theoretical stuff, exercises and all his references.
He did not start with the theory (the "boring stuff" - just kidding), but gave us everything in paper so that we could read afterwards, if the subject interested us.

We worked on a song by Adele, "Rolling in the Deep"
Although I personally don't like the song (it reminds me of very painful abdominal exercises at my gym, but this is only a personal trauma), he did a wonderful job with the song.

As an intro we listened to a Medley with Adele's sons, then had to talk to each other about the artist, we then sung on karaoke using

We worked on vocabulary, listening and pronunciation exercises, the presentation was really interactive, we had to actively participate during the whole thing.

In order to summarize what he presented us, he used a really wonderful programme (I think quizlet?), highlighting the main points.
I am not going to describe in detail, I am sure that Theodore will upload his presentation soon!
I really enjoyed the presentation and I hope there will be more great jobs like this in the future.

Theodore's recorded webinar over here.

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