Monday, March 17, 2014

Back to Thess. Reflections

Home sweet home!!
This post is going to be about my personal thoughts about this weekend. Reports on professional presentations will follow during this week.

Every time I go to Athens, I see that every Convention is becoming better and better.
A big congrats to the TESOL Greece board for organizing this event, for their valuable help and a big bravo to all these wonderful volunteers. Without you guys I don't know if everything would go so smoothly.

This year I have spent the whole weekend at the convention - I tried to see as many presentations as possible. I have to say that I have gained a lot, learned a lot and met some wonderful people.
Some people surprised me pleasantly, some others not so pleasantly, but... that's life, we can't get along with everybody...

This year though was different.
I felt that I belong somewhere. I felt team spirit.
Everybody was kind to me, but I really have to give a shout-out to the Thessalonikians, who stood by me, supported me and were there for me. It felt like I was with family. Thank you so much for everything (you know who you are!!)

I have decided not to write anything about the plenaries, everybody attended them, they were broadcast live (and I am sure there will be recordings at the TESOL Greece page). I am going to focus on the individual presentations I attended and on the people.
I am also going to upload my own presentation soon (for those who weren't able to attend)
Take care


Hana Tichá said...

What a wonderful achievement, Theodora. I'm so proud of you! It must have been a lot of work and effort - at the beginning you came up with an interesting idea, then invited people from all over the world to participate, which proves you are a genuine team player, and you finally put everything together. You've shown that dreams do come true if you persevere. I can't wait to read more about the event and I'm sure you've got something up your sleeve for the next convention already :-)

Theodora Pap said...

Dear Hana, thank you for taking the time to read this! I promise I will write everything about the project within the week!