Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Animate a character #30GoalsEDU

Reading of what M Jesus Garcia San Martin has done with her students animating dialogues from Platero and animating characters from El Greco paintings, reminded me what I did with my son a few years back to get him talking in English.
Giannis was 5 years old and we couldn't use "serious" characters from literature or art, but, I had discovered a great app in the iPad called Toontastic, where you can actually draw your own characters (or use the ones that already exist in the platform), make them move and record your own voice!

It is pretty simple and gives children the chance to be creative and make their own stories, use new grammar and vocabulary and produce language through play.

This is one of Giannis' videos

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M Jesús said...

Thanks for the mention, Theodora, a great honour to have inspired such a well accomplished goal!
Mª Jesús