Monday, March 17, 2014

Assessing the unassessed (TESOL GREECE 35th Convention)

Although, this is not exactly my field, I always attend Maria Sachpazian's presentations, since I get to know something new, something that happens beyond teaching, something that has to do with schools as a "business".
This time Maria explores the subject "School assessment"

First question:
Why should a school be assessed?
  • to set quality standards
  • to change infective practices
  • to ensure continuing investment on the outcomes of teaching
  • to make sure we stay on course
How can we tell if a school is good?
What is the difference between experts and non-experts?

What happens to the data collected after an evaluation?
Might evaluation impede teaching?

Evaluation is complicated.
 We should consider:
  • Relationship issues
  • CPP/UR issues
  • student achievement
  •  Added value
  • Accountability
  • Educational issues
One thing is for sure, Maria gave School owners Food for thought!!
And as the person next to me said: "This is  one very sensible lady!"

You can find Maria's presentation (the real stuff) over here!

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