Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We are on the air! (TESOL Greece 35th convention)

We're on the air from Theodora Pap

As promised I uploaded my presentation for the 2014 Athens convention! This was a collaborative project between my students  and Georgia's students in Greece and students from 3 more countries; Argentina, Czech Republic and Portugal.

You can find our videos over here
And the views of the colleagues and wonderful educators who took part:
Hana Ticha
Christina Monteiro
Fabiana Cassela
Georgia Psarra
A big thank you to the students and the teachers who participated, to all the people who came to see it and to my friends and colleagues who took all these wonderful pictures and videos, which you'll find on our facebook group


Shelly Sanchez Terrell said...

What an accomplishment! I hadn't realized how many were involved in the project. I'm so touched and proud. Thank you for sharing and spreading the word. It's an honor to know you.

Theodora Pap said...

Thank you for giving me the chance to challenge myself!!