Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scary story by John M.

A bit influenced by Stephen King but... great job!!! (B1 level)

 25. 3.1974
Katie is playing alone in the garden with her ball. There are only a few children in the village, so Katie spends a lot of time with her ball.
 Suddenly the ball rolls out of the garden and Katie is chasing it until the stream. She is looking for the ball everywhere but she cannot find it. While she was looking for it, a hand is touchinh her on the shoulder.
Katie turns around ans she sees a smiling clown. He has a scary smile and a common red clown nose. He doesn't have a lot of hair and he is wearing colorful clothes.
"Is this your ball?"
Katie takes the ball and runs home.

Katie gets sick. Her dad goes to the drugstore to get some medicine. Out of the store he sees the short clown holding colorful balloons.
"Hello Bill! This balloon is for Katie!"
Her dad runs scared into the house but he says nothing to his daughter. Katie is constantly thinking about the clown.

Katie is playing with her ball.
The alarm clock is ringing at 10pm.
Katie is not home yet.
Bill goes out to the stream to look for his daughter. He just finds her ball. With a message on it.
"Hi Bill"

10 years later.
A girl is playing with her ball near the stream. A clown is coming out of the trees...

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