Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scary story by Eleni G.

Laura was coming back home from the park. Alone as usual. Since her sister's death and her mother's new marriage, she was all alone, by herself. She used to return from the playground late at night, because she didn't want to meet her stepfather at home. He was an evil man, in his late 40's, with squared, wrinkled face, hooked nose and crooked teeth. His job: drug dealer... Her mother didn't know about that, she thought he was a salesman. But Laura had known about that, since he saw him selling drugs to an addict. That night, Drake saw her spying on him. Since then he has made her life a living hell. Laura and her mother Christine were so afraid of Drake, because he was very violent. He even beat Laura's sister to death so that she wouldn't tell her mother about his "new" job.

But this night was different. It was Halloween. All the kids were dressed up like witches and devils, but Laura was not. The others thought of her as the creepy person who spends a lot of time in the graveyard talking about her problems to her beloved sister. She had always hoped that one day, Angela would return to take Laura with her.
Before she returns home though she stays in the swings, her favourite place and tries to reach the sky and become an angel like Angela.

The weather was so harsh and freezing that night, that she was made to go home earlier. She looked into the sky. Full moon. She loved full moons, because they reminded her of Angela. She taught her to calculate when the next full moon would be. But this time she had a bad feeling....

Suddenly she saw a butterfly, her sister's favorite insect. Laura followed it until she reached her house. The butterfly did not stop.  It went towards her house and got inside the window. She followed it. She turned the key in the lock.
Her stepfather was still at home. She didn't say a word. Neither did he. He only turned his head and showed her the stairs. She climbed them quickly. She started looking for her mum.
Mysteriously Laura's door opened. She went into her room, saw her mom lying dead on her bed.
Suddenly she saw Drake behind her holding a knife. Laura yelled and ran fast. In a split second she was out in the street. Her mother's killer was following her. Her feet led her to the graveyard. She hid behind a grave. She was shaking with fear that's how he found her. At the moment he was pointing
 his knife at her, Angela appeared!
Laura felt relieved....
She came out of her body and flew into the sky with her sister and her mum.
Drake's body was found the next day near the grave....

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Γιάννης ο ξάδερφος said...

Cause staying alive is too mainstream!!��Good job Eleni!