Thursday, October 24, 2013

Scary story by Dimitris K.

The witch of Halloween

Once upon a time in the 17th century, there was a peaceful village in the southern part of the UK. The villagers lived happily; the men were working in the cornfields, the women were helping their husbands in any sort of job and the children were happily playing in the village's streets.
However, one year, a terrible disease made the whole village suffer. Children who suffered the greatest from this deadly disease, begun dying one after another.
the villagers had no idea who or what was to blame for teh whole situation. then, some nasty villagers cooked up a rumor which was spread quickly around the village.  They said that an evil witch who lives in a small cabin in the woods cast a powerful spell causing the disease. After the children's death, she was said to collect their corpses to use their blood for her portions.
This woman, was actually a friendly, kind-hearted 23-year-ond girl, had no idea bout this rumor.
One pitch dark night, the villagers gathered and decided to go and confront the "evil witch". Holding clubs and pipes, they started marching to the young unsuspected girl's house. when they got there, a man holding a flaming torch yelled: "let's burn down the house!!" Everybody agreed and set the little wooden cabin on fire. The young woman, who had been watching the whole time, suddenly realized that there was nothing to do to save herself. Frozen in terror, she stood motionless watching her house burning. The shelves in the walls, her books, her table, her bed, everything started turning into ashes, as the flames were coming towards her. Seconds before her death, though, fear turned into something else; rage. She took an oath that one day she would return and take revenge from the cruel villagers who killed her and would make them feel terror as she felt before dying.
Centuries later, the village, which managed to get through the deadly disease developed and became a very famous city.
However, despite the peace that a visitor would see, in the old town where once the small village stood, you can often hear a strange, almost unbelievable story; in the night of Halloween, a ghost is said to make its appearance in a single house. It is said to be the ghost of a girl who suffered great pain. People who are visited by the ghost, often end up in monasteries praying or in the mental hospital. In both situations these people are unable to speak at all!
Recently, citizens if this town have started asking for information about who that ghost might be .... Any guesses??


Hana Tichá said...

Well, Dimitiris, this is one of the most gripping short stories I've ever read. You made me want to read every single word, right to the end. Well done! Keep writing because you are a talented story teller.

Theodora Pap said...

He is great, isn't he??? Imagine that he didn't want to write the story at first!! congrats Dimitri!!