Tuesday, August 20, 2013

You are what you read!!

Talking with Shelly yesterday, we somehow developed the idea of reading books and what we can do with our students.
It does not have to be a long difficult book, just give them something to read , for example a story, an article, or they can also choose what they want to read.
Then give them questions like the ones in the picture( what is the story about, why are they reading it etc)  and have them present what they have read.
The presentation can be in writing as an essay, but also orally, maybe you can have a book club one a month or so and have the students talk about the book (or story, article etc) in front of their classmates.
Presentations like this can also be performed at the end of the year (again, you can have a kind of end-of-the year celebration) and invite parents, teachers and students form other classes and exchange ideas.
Most of all, have fun reading!!!


Hana Tichá said...

I totally agree with your motto: We are what we read. I love the way you promote reading, especially because nowadays kids don't read a lot. In English lessons we read graded readers because intermediate students don't have enough vocabulary to read the originals. But a graded reader is just a step apart from the original, which the students might want to read some day.

Theodora Pap said...

If they start reading something easy, they will like it and they will continue reading! We can make it fun for them. For example, have them mime the title of their favorite book, or even act a story out!!!