Tuesday, August 20, 2013

30 Goals Challenge: Goal 11: Bulid a Teacher's Survival Kit #30GoalsEdu

A lot of us start this school year soon and we all have some items that we always carry with us, or if you are a new teacher, maybe you are wondering what stuff you have to bring in order to survive!!
Let me share my list with you:
  1. Teacher diary/ agenda: I have a paperback, but you can also use a digital one. To tell the truth, I couldn't live  without one! This is where I keep my schedule, contact list of my students, notes, ideas,.... just everything!!!
  2. A lesson plan: Never leave without a lesson plan. It doesn't have to be a detailed one, just know what you have to do with your classes!
  3. Plan B: Sometimes things do not go as planned! Always have some extra activities and games with you in case you have extra time or if something goes wrong!
  4. Paper / cartons / clay / scissors : Especially if you work with young children! They just love making things!
  5. Markers / colored pencils: young students love coloring and drawing and older students need colors if you want to get their attention
  6. post-it's: For your notes and things to do!
  7. iPhone /i pad / laptop/ notebook: Well technology is in our lives, so you can use these devices to watch videos, listen to songs, do online activities, do projects with your students with apps, play games, use it as a dictionary, take photos and videos
  8. pain-killers: I don't like pills but you have to have an aspirin in case you get a sudden headache!
  9. A snack: something with carbohydrates to give you energy
  10. Patience, energy and creativity: You cannot teach without those!!!
Trying Shelly's idea, I used Glogster to make a photo-collage!!!

Have fun teaching!!!

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