Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Books? Why not??

Well, it's not so bad reading a book, is it?
Writing my last blog about how you can use books with your students, I remembered that some years ago, I organized a movie-book project with my students, where they had to present in writing or in video what their favourite book was and why!
Here are some examples:
Konstantina - A1 level
Helen B1 level
Juna  C2 level
Artemis C2 level

Students' work does not have to be published on the internet or be recorded in video. You can collect their written work and make a poster for you classroom, invite parents for live book presentations, where students' work is on display!!
Happy teaching

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Jenny said...

Of course, reading is NOT bad :-D

PS: for all who are reading this and do not know: I am working as a bookseller!