Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Making leaflets

One of my students yesterday, took the initiative to make a leaflet about an aquarium she had visited during the summer!
I just loved the idea, first of all because I hadn't asked for it, so it was a pleasant surprise.
This can actually be  one of the first assignments of the school year, since most of the students have visited places during the summer
This one is hand made, my student put some pictures together in groups and wrote some information about the opening hours, the exhibits and what can somebody actually see and do in a place like this.

You can use technology or not, it depends how familiar your students are with it, but even if they are not, I am not disappointed, because they do use the language and they do something interesting and creative at the same time!

Some guidelines how to make a leaflet:
  • First of all you gather information about your subject (the place, the history etc) and some photos that you can use on your computer or just print them (or cut them from a magazine etc) and glue them on your paper or carton.
  • Then try to make a draft of your text. Every paragraph has to focus on something different (visuals help you to change subject). Try not to write exactly what you have read from your sources (internet, newspaper, even a tourist leaflet)
  • Do a layout. Make a sketch on how your leaflet would look like.
  •  (optional) Design your leaflet on your computer. Try using MS Word, it is simple to type and import pictures.
  • If you don't want to use a computer, get down to work. Use colored papers or cartons, markers, colorful pictures and be really careful with your handwriting!
Good luck and have fun!!!

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