Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hip Hop Workshop (in German)

Goethe Institut has done it again! This time they are organizing a really good workshop for teachers and students. We are going to learn how to make rap songs in German, and this way we can produce language having fun!!!

The seminar is on November 14th 14.00-16.00 at Goethe Institut Thessaloniki and a concert with Doppel U is following!! Click here for more info!

I am posting some videos of previous concerts and workshops! Have fun!!

If any of my students (old and new) is interested in taking part - give me a call or send me a message till Nov 5th!!


Hellenic Potion said...

The music is so nice!!! I think I'll come to Thessaloniki to learn German by you! Will you be my teacher?

dorapap said...

hahaha!!! This was really funny!! We'll start lessons on line I think!