Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grammar & Writing

Some really teaching interesting ideas presented by Mrs Anna Pilaski, meant for students who have passed level B2.
These learners are expected to:
• Understand the basic idea of complicated texts
• Communicate spontaneously and eloquently
• Express themselves clearly in many various subjects
Here are some activities that can help them practice the language:
• Divide the class into 2 groups
• Give the students 2 different texts
• Students try to describe the text in their own words among their group
• Then students from team A tell students from group B about their story and vice versa
Another activity as a follow up could be a Running dictation (with gap filling in higher levels)
• Students form pairs
• Student A tries to memorize their text doing the gap fill exercise
• Student A dictates their text to Student B and vice versa
• Winner is of course the pair with the fewer mistakes

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