Sunday, October 4, 2009


Back with more notes from the German teacher conference...
Today the subject is an electronic classbook which is supposed to help students to contactwith the teacher and with eachother, post their homework, get informed about what has been done in the classroom, if they were absent and generally keep in touch with thge language.
This can be done using a kind of a learning platform like Moodle.
You can have various activities in an e-classbook, like
  • a Forum in which various subjects can be posted and students can write a small paragraph with their opinion as homework
  • a chat room for students and teachers
  • a Data bank with everything that has been taught in the classroom
  • a Glossary with unknown words
  • Wiki in which everyone can contribute
This work is of course voluntary and you can't make the students participate, but I find it a fantastic idea, especially for adult students who cannot always come to the lessons.

This can not only be used for lessons and interaction with students, but also teachers can use it to get in contact with collegues, exchange opinions and also "educate" themselves about the new methods in teaching.
German teachers can use this link: to get an idea

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