Sunday, January 13, 2008

Teaching FL to young children

The activities must suit the students’ level. Students are not “tabula rasa”. They already have some knowledge of their environment.
The teacher should support dialog. The aim is communication.
The teacher should help all types of students (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) take actively part in learning.
The activities should not be too hard but also not too easy. They must take the students one step further.
The aim must be clear in activities
The teacher should help students be independent. This could either be working in teams or let them express their opinion.
The atmosphere must be pleasant (through games, crosswords etc), but also have rules.
Assessment should be according to teaching (A portfolio could be useful)
The teacher should take into consideration cognitive as well as emotional development of children

(References: Deutsch in Primarstufe – GI Thessaloniki, November 2003)
(I have kept a "seminar journal" on another page but since I am closing that account, I thought I could re-post some of it over here)

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