Sunday, January 13, 2008

Motivation and young children

Very young children readily master:
· Art forms like music
· Symbol systems like language
· Develop complex theories of the universe
· Develop intricate theories of the mind

As long as student chooses goals and expands a certain amount of effort to achieve them, he is, by definition, motivated. What teachers really mean is that students are not motivated to behave in the way teachers would like them to behave.
Motivation comes from within a person. What you can do, is create the circumstances that influence students to do what you want them to do.

· Place the child’s activity at the centre of the agenda
· Give as much as individual attention as possible
· Include group activities
· Try to make learning interesting with:
1. work it out Investigation
2. Adventure in stories
3. Real Usefulness
4. Move – Activity
5. Social Interaction

(Reference: Longman seminar “Energize your students, liven up your lessons!”, Speaker: Judy Boyle, teacher, teacher trainer, author of Treasure Hunt, Longman,
Gardner,H (1991:2) .: The Unschooled Mind: How children Think and How schools should teach, New York: Basic Books
(I have kept a "seminar journal" on another page but since I am closing that account, I thought I could re-post some of it over here)

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