Saturday, December 8, 2007

Answers to the Christmas quiz

1. a. Dresden dating back 1434, although Nürnberg ’s Christkindlesmarkt is more famous
2. b. socks – Children hang them above the fireplace or at the edge of their beds
3. c. Klaxon - which is a powerful electric horn
4. c. Germany – in the 16th century
5. a. Good luck – There once lived a woman so poor, says a Ukrainian folk tale, that she could not afford decorations for her family. One Christmas morning, she awoke to find that spiders had trimmed her children’s tree with their webs. When the morning sun shone on them, the webs turned into silver and gold. An artificial spider and web are often included in the decorations of the Ukrainian Christmas trees
6. b. fish – A meal of 12 different dishes is eaten on Christmas Eve. Guests have to try each of these dishes.
7. a. Elves – these tiny little people!!
8. c. Black Peter also steals naughty children and takes them to Spain!
9. b. Jacob Marley – his dead partner and warns Scrooge that the ghosts will visit him
10. a. Mistletoes go back to the Norse Mythology – it was believed that they bring power!
If you want to use more stuff about Christmas with your kids or your students, you could try these sites for ideas:

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