Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Movie night-lesson!

This was based to Craig’s idea as I mentioned earlier.
The students had to answer 2 questions, one before and one after the film.

The questions were:
1. A man is found in the sea alive, but he has been shot twice. What happened?
2. Imagine that you are that person. Create your own identity. What objects would you put into your own safety deposit box in the bank?

Artemis' answers:
1. The famous Mafia group of Napoli stroke again but this time they failed in their mission. They tried to kill an innocent man, who knew their secrets and shot him in a parking lot near Salieris bar. To get rid of him, they put him into a van and threw him into the river. Unfortunately for them, the man was found in the sea alive.
2. To be recognized in case of amnesia, I’d put some private objects into a safe deposit box. It would definitely include an old student’s ID, photos of my family and me. In addition I’d have a notebook with phone numbers, addresses and other important notes about myself
Elektra (who has finished with her English studies, but was a “guest-star”:

1. He’s escaped from the Prison of Asceban. This man is very dangerous because he’s a serial killer; he’s not only killed Harry Potter but also his best fellows and Serious Black! Now he is on his new mission: kill Snow white and the Seven Dwarfs. The castle between him and the prince is going to be a difficult and dangerous task!
2. I would put my necklace, photos of beloved people, from holidays, school, addresses, music I like.

Christina’s answers:
1. One day in the world of Strumpfakia something happened. No one knew what had happened. It was a bit dark day and it was raining. Srtumpfita goes out for a walk to the sea of the Strumpfoworld. She takes a boat out to the sea. Then she sees a big thing in the water, she doesn’t’ know what to do. Then she takes a sip of the magic portion. She takes a man out of the water and sees that the man is shot twice. Then she goes into the mind of the man and sees what had happened to him. The man was in a plane and a worm of the worms-game shot him with the hallelujah- bomb 2 times!!
2. Into my own safe deposit box I would put a CD-Rom of Marilyn Manson, photos of me, my friends and family. And I would also put my mobile phone and my laptop. The most special thing I would put, would be my teddy bear, which I have since my first birthday and also my perfume which I use when I am on holiday.

And last but not least Juna's answer's:

1. Probably this man came from an outer space planet, which supplied him with “galactic abilities” which rescued him from death!!!
2. 2. In order to be recognized in case of amnesia, I would put the telephone number of my mother and generally photos of my family, my childhood and a sample of my personal DNA

As you can see, their answers were full of humour, inspired by many different books or films but most of all, full of joy and creativity!


Alexandros^ said...

Excellent Idea! I am sure your students were thrilled with the whole project! I haven't seen the film, so I might rent it...

Anastasia Marou said...

Well done kids ! Super cool answers ! Loved them all...not sure I could provide better answers myself. But then again, don't you all have a super cool teacher..huh ?