Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I have been tagged by my friend (κακούργα) Arty!

The rules are as follows.
"You are to start with 7 random facts/habits about yourself. People "tagged" need to write their own blog about their 7 items, and include these rules. At the end you are to "tag" 7 others and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a quick comment on their page letting them know they have been "tagged" and to read your blog." So here goes.

1. I only drink hot coffee even if it's the middle of the summer!

2. I have never been camping - I hate bugs!

3. I am allergic to chocolate

4. I do not know how to cook

5. I do not know how to drive

6. I remember all of my students' names, even the ones I had 15 years ago!

7. I can be reached more easily by e-mail or messenger than by phone!!

Now it is my turn to tag some people:

Lily, Eleni (from another planet), Susanne-Ute, Nikos, Glenny, Efi, Maria32Greece


efi said...

Ωχ..ήταν ανάγκη?
Αμάν...όχι τίποτε αλλο, μ'αυτή τη ζέστη δεν μπορώ να σκεφτώ καθόλου.χιχιχι...
Πρέπει να το στίβω τώρα μπας και βγάλει τίποτα,χαχαχα!

Anonymous said...

ha ha orea..
you don't know how to cook, i hate cooking
you don't love chocolate, i love it
you drink hot coffee in summer, so do i :D
nice reading Theodora.Arty

Anonymous said...

oops mallon eipes you are allergic to chocolate. :)

Anonymous said...

Θα το κάνω σήμερα μάλλον!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Its Glenice.. here's my anwsersw to your TAG....
1. I have a fear of cockroach beetles.... I hate them

2. I have a friend who has been ringing me constantly each day to chat lately and Im starting to feel suffocated by this!

3. Im a allergic to Amoxil and penicillin and can sometimes be allergic to dust on my skin...

4. I have one son and am about to start IVF for a second child though I didnt need it with my first child - 10 years ago.

5. I LOVE my Aussie Rules football.

6. I only got my drivers licence 2 and a half years ago.

7. Oneday I hope to visit Greece and show my son his paternal side heritage...

Enjoy your hoilday Theodora...
Hug's Glenice